TMX Group MDM Redesign

Prototype & Mockup


1 While guiding users all the way through the process and evntually making the online payment, the navigation bar is always presented at the top of UI, along with the "Previous" and "Next" buttons at the bottom, which allow users to go back and forth as they may wish.

2 The new design needs to be perfectly presented regardless the platform and device. The responsive design was compeleted in 2 month.

A design serving millions of users and fitting both Desktop and Mobile

TMX MDM is about more than cloud storage and file syncing. With tools like editing, navigating and online payment, TMX keeps expanding its suite of features for collaborating on browsing, purchasing and downloading data. The redesign of TMX MDM brings these superpowers to the foreground, making the place where you browse and organize data the same place where you collaborate on them.